Resort Central Glamping

Glamping is quickly becoming one of the fastest trending hospitality options in the country. These highly versatile facilities are very inexpensive option for business owners to offer a comfortable living space for their guests and can be placed next to any scenic destinations.  Our popular dome designs are made of hot dipped galvanized steel tubes with plastic coating while the fabrics are made from PVC coated polyester 850gsm that prevents light from getting through. The clear "windows" are made from 1100gsm transparent PVC fabric. These smart designs are able to withstand strong winds and is guaranteed to last years of beautiful accommodation for your guests. 


Your guests will undoubtedly return in order to share their unique experiences in our Glamping Domes with their friends and family. Whether you attend a yoga and meditation retreat or choose to stay longer and integrate yourself into this sustainably minded simple structure, our dome tents will surely be the perfect solution for your affordable accommodation or event gathering. Choose from our various sizes and designs. All it needs is a solid flooring that can be made from concrete or wood, add a bed, lights, basic toilet and your accommodation is complete. Contact one of our representatives today to learn more and how you can customize your dome tents.


Resort Central's smallest dome glamping tent is the perfect size for placing a bed lights and small cabinet. This 2.36m high tent is an affordable option for couples seeking a petite accommodation with 12.56sqm of living space.


Resort Central can customize our smart dome tents anywhere from 4 to 40 meters in diameter. Use the tent as a small accommodation or for a large event gathering. The uses are limitless but are much affordable option than solid structures.


Our slightly bigger popular size tent is perfect for a bed, lights and small table for those seeking a roomier setup. At 3.54m high and with 28.26sqm living space it's perfect for an entire family similar to a hotel. A small toilet can be placed inside.


Choose from our variety of accessories that can compliment your glamping dome tents. From glass doors to solar fans we have what you need to complete your setup.