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Take a stroll on our Water Roller or bump around with others for endless water fun. Laugh the day away as you have fun with your friends!

Inflatable water roller is a giant 8 or 9-foot long plastic cylinder, with which you can rock-and-cross the river safely. The inset cups on the outer surface help grip and paddle your way through the water as you spin the cylinder. With a internal chamber, you can engage in Nuclear Face-Off as you and your friend compete to bump and bounce each other into submission.

Large Water Roller


    • Length: 240cm (8ft) or 280cm (9ft)

    • Outside Diameter: 180cm or 230cm

    • Inside Diameter: 180cm



    • Made of 1 mm thick heavy duty PVC material

    • Welded seams and nose for commercial strength

    • Easy inflate and quick deflate valves

    • All Water Roller includes harness, electric pump, repair kit, and storage bag

    • Various colors to choose from

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