Introducing Resort Central's wide selection of inflatable and hard kayaks. If you're looking for a healthy, fit, clean, and fun way to get around the water then try our kayaks. We have a wide selection of  sea, touring, fishing, and family kayaks available. All our hard kayaks are made from polyethylene polymer compound (hard plastic) that offers dependable strength and durability that stays lightweight and efficient on water. Most of our kayaks may be ordered with your own color style (subject to production time). We also have various accessories available such as paddles, seats, lifevests, fish rod holders, skirt, bags, etc. 


Single Sit In Kayak

Catch a wave with our Wave kayak. Elegant body countours makes this kayak perfect for riding waves. It has a wide body design making it extra stable for beginner paddlers.


Single Sit In Kayak

Our first single seat sit in kayak is a great kayak for those wanting to stay dry longer. Great for white rivers and ocean alike.


Single Sit In Kayak

Feel refreshed while kayaking with our Malibu design single seat kayak. This durable kayak has all moulded in carrying handles. 


Single Sit In Sea Kayak

Anglers wanting the freedom of going out into the ocean, lake, or river will enjoy our Coron Fishing Kayak. 


Single Sit In Sea Kayak 

If you're a serious paddler wanting to go farther and faster out in the ocean then you will love Resort Central's Sea Kayaks. 


Family Sit On Kayak

Our popular Swan model is a family kayak because it can sit two adults and a small child in the middle. This wide and stable kayak is comfortable to ride on and is great for leisure paddlers wanting an easy and no hassle ocean kayak.


Double Sit On

Transparent Kayak


Double Sit On

Inflatable Kayak 

BangkaPro’s Clear Kayak is an all-transparent two-passenger kayak made out of the same durable polycarbonate material used in the production of bulletproof glass and fighter jet canopies. It comes equipped with a light anodized aluminum internal frame system, dual flotation bladders, and stabilizing rudder. This is the ultimate kayak for viewing the pristine sea life below. 

Enjoy a fresh new way of kayaking- by viewing the sea-life under you! With BangkaPro’s Aqua inflatable kayak you can ride your kayak and see through the tough polycarbonate viewing panel below.


Single Sit In Kayak

Ligaya is our very first single seat kayak. This classic narrow design is quick on the water and packs enough features to make it a fun and efficient kayak. 


Double Sit In Sea Kayak 

If you're a serious paddler wanting to go farther and faster out in the ocean then you will love BangkaPro's Sea Kayaks. 


 Double Sit On Kayak

Alona is a two seater sit on top kayak made from polyetheylene material. This is our most popular two seater kayak with a smart design. 



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