Resort Central has a complete set of towable inflatable water toys. From small inflatables to big rentals we have the perfect solution for private users and for resort rentals. Choose from our fun selection of towables that can ride from one to twenty persons. Fun Guaranteed!

Banana Boat

UFO Couch

Zoom across the water with friends and family with one of our colorful Banana Boats. Nothing beats the thrill of hurdling over the waves and wind in your face as you get pulled along the water. Made from thick 0.9mm heavy duty PVC with extra layers at high stress locations. Comes in fun assorted colors, BangkaPro’s Banana Boats are sure to make your riders laugh and have a great time. 

BangkaPro’s UFO Couch allows up to 5 passengers to sit side by side like in a couch before getting whisked away for a thrilling water ride. Relax if you dare on this deceptive couch and bounce away on the water. 

Flying Fish

Want more action than the typical Banana Boat ride? Try one of the proven thrill rides on the water with the Flying Fish. Seats up to a maximum of six people, this tough inflatable toy will go airborne at the right speed and wind conditions- providing laughter, or screams, the whole way. 


Disco Boat

Twirl around the water with your friends on our new and exciting towable Disco Boat! This 3 meter diameter orb can sit up to six people and has a 360 degree passenger view. Bounce up and down the wave as as you wizz on the water with our Disco Boat.

Dragon Boat

You asked for it and now you got it! BangkaPro's 12 seater Dragon Boat is popular in Puerto Galera and other up and coming resort towns. This unique ride will sure be a highlight of tourists wanting a fun and thrilling water ride!

Flying Disk

Our latest water ride is none like you've seen before! This Flying Disk is a mean lean water skipping machine that will surely be a hit with thrill seekers. Lie down or sit up, choose your way to enjoy our Flying Disk! Sits up to 8 passengers.

Our popular Trilogy inflatable towable is just the right size towable for those wanting their own personal water toy. Repairable canvas cover protects the air bladder inside from hitting the water. Sits three people and comes with sturdy grab handles and towing attachment point.



The Classic towable is the original water inflatable tube that has been around for years. Ride face down or facing up this Classic ride has bringing loads of fun for a longtime.


The Speedy™ model is equipped with a padded backrest and cushioned sidewalls. The skim fast bottom allows for a slick yet safe and fast ride. Soft grip handles and neoprene knuckle guards will provide riders with added comfort.


The Jumbo is a great towable that can carry up to 3 riders side by side. Lie flat and grab the handles for a guaranteed thrilling ride across the water.  A classic towable that everyone will enjoy.e design is made from tough PVC material. 


Double the fun double the classic! Get towed with a friend on this double ring towable. Sturdy grab handles and colorful design is sure to bring laughs for those dare to ride it. Let the good times roll!


3x times the fun and 3x the memories. Swordfish’s Torpedo 3™ can accommodate up to 3 persons, looking for thrill in the water while still being seated inside the towable. Equipped with inflatable seat bottoms and headrests.


Swordfish's Energy towable can comfortable accomodate four people. Two standing up and two lying down. This fun water toy is great for those wanting to stand while being towed.