Resort Central designs, manufactures, and installs outdoor playgrounds perfect for schools, malls, resorts, community centers, pools, municipalities, public parks and other establishments specially catered to each client. Our playgrounds are designed to maximize fun for kids and comply the higest standards of quality for all children’s safety. We focus on creative and fun designs that will sure to attract children both young and old. 


We are committed to providing high quality commercial outdoor playground equipment with unbeatable pricing. Each of our playgrounds can be customized with your own color selection and additional features. We work closely with each client in offering unique design that will sure open up children's imagination. Guaranteed to attract foot traffic and bring the community together to your facilities. 


Elves Series

Our wacky Elves Series playgrounds are fun and creative designs filled with zigzags, eye sockets, and see through slides. Take them to an elves world and let their imaginations take over for an all afternoon playtime.


Primeval Series

Our Primeval series are smart and modern day look in nature themed playgrounds. These colorful playgrounds are one of Resort Central's most popular designs that combines leafy greens with giant dragon flies and tree stumps. 

Castle Series

Go back in time to the world of castles with Resort Central's Castle Series Playgrounds. Attract young princes and princess's as they play fairly tale stories. Cinderella and Snowhite are just a tower and slide away!


Dream Architects Series

Your creative child's imagination will go full throttle in our Dream Architects series. These block playgrounds resembling a construction site is sure to be a hit with both boys and girls. Full of cranes and lifts and block chains.

Nature Series

Get lost in nature with our Nature Series playgrounds. Inspired by trees and plants these playgrounds are perfect for outdoor settings and blends well with local foliage. Children can play as squirrels or monkeys as they swing life away!


Mario Pipeline Series

Inspired by the popular video game Mario Brothers our Mario Pipeline series mimics a world of pipes and water faucets. Your children will enjoy playing in this playground as they imagine Mario and Luigi's adventures.

Colorful Town Series

Play house and villages with our Colorful Town series outdoor playgrounds. This classic playground designs have been proven through the ages to open up your child's imagination as they run and slide away.


Wooden Series

If you want the classic wooden look then look no further than our Wooden Series Playgrounds. With a smart and attractive combination of polyethylene and wooden material we deliver a classy combination sure to attract kids. 



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