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Introducing Resort Central 's New model PAWIKAN KAYAK (Single Seat Pedal Kayak), This fishing kayak provides many advantages over traditional fishing boats. From maneuverability, to cost, to versatility,

Pawikan Single Seat Pedal Kayak

SKU : AQ-2



  • 2x hatch cover        

  • 1x drain plug

  • 6x rubber stoppers  

  • 2x Carry handle with paddle holder

  • Cord      

  • 2x flush rod holders with caps            

  • 1x backseat          

  • 1x pedal accessory        

  • 1x rudder



Note: Other color designs may be available in stock. Please contact us for details.

  • Length:​ 332 cm

  • Width: 90 cm

  • Height: 35 cm

  • Pax: 2

  • Weight: 49.7 kg

  • Max Load: 250 kg

  • Type: Inflatable Double

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