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Fixed Docks

•Attractive and modern docks made from treated hard wood (Acacia) and will last 10 + years

•Can be customized according to individual clients requirements

•Can be constructed high or low, wide or narrow relative to water line depending on usage

•Simple construction but professionally made

•Optional floating dock at end for boat docking as well as optional electrical lighting

Construction Method


The decking is made from the same hard wood beautifully constructed to blend with the environment

Options includes hand rails or a gazebo at the end of dock

Floating dock at the end adjusts for tides and convenience for boat loading and unloading

Aluminum gangways available to connect jetty and floating dock

Slide to see construction of fixed docks

pillings are the backbone of any docks project


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210 Menio Street, Corner Leveriza Street,

Pasay City,  Metro Manila,

Philippines 1308


+ 632 243-3970 

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