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Resort Central PH designs and builds professoinal docking solutions and platforms for boats and water front structures.  We specialize in construction of private jettys, over water walkways, fish farms, and marinas.  We utilize the most modern approach into construction used in many parts of the world. Add value to your  property or maximise your water activities with a Resort Central PH dock.

Resort Central Marine and Docking Solutions

Resort Central provides the marine construction industry across the Philippines.

If you're building a deck, dock or seawall anywhere near water, come talk to us. We are the experts in the niche of marine construction. Whether you're a homeowner, contractor, marina, or golf course, you can trust that we have the most knowledge, the best products, and the highest level of service in the southeast.

Our docks are rugged, dependable, and the best value for your money!

Since our docks are all manufactured right here, they are fully customizable to accommodate all of your docking needs. We can easily build custom sizes and configurations without charging you premium prices. We design and build our docks to last your lifetime!

Our floating blocks are made from highly dense and highly buoyant polyesterene material enclosed in tough PE case that’s guaranteed to last many years.

Resort Central utilizes modern equipment to drive 6 to 10 inch wide piles made from treated hardwood or galvanized steel 15-25 feet long in the water to provide deck support and foundation.

Aluminum gangways connects fixed jetty to floating platforms. We have complete accessories available such as cleats, swimming ladders, pontoons, fenders, and light poles.

We can provide simple to complex docking and floating platform solutions and complete setups including from anchoring to boat hook up stations.

Deck Options

* Painted Aluminum w/ Cedar or EON sides.
* Nostalgic Cedar w/ Cedar sides.

* Low Maintenance Painted Aluminum.


* Tools & connectors required for initial installation and adjustment
* No tools needed - No nuts & bolts. Connect & Level in minutes.

Choose your Dock Style

All hardware and component parts are constructed of the highest quality materials. From the galvanized steel leg frames to the stainless steel cotter keys, everything is designed with durability in mind.


•Polyethylene floating docks starts at P13,500 per square meter  plus cost of accessories (minimum 50sqm) (discounts available for larger projects)

•Fixed pilings with decking starts at P29,000 per square meter plus accessories and extra construction (minimum 50sqm) (discounts available for larger projects)

•Sample pricing for floating boat dock 2m x 3m P425,000

•Our area of responsibility is only on the water, client is responsible for construction outside the water including securing all construction permits

•Our engineer/architect can do a site check and provide consultation and free quotation (travel expenses paid by client)

•Construction can last 2-6 months depending on size of project

•5 Year warranty from rot, dislodging, or workmanship (not including damage from natural calamities (hurricanes), or user caused damages (boat hitting dock)

Three Levels of Docking Systems

polyethylene floating blocks

Least expensive and is available for  customization according to client's request

fixed docks

Attractive and modern docks made from treated hard wood (Acacia) and will last 10 + years


Wide variety of uses such as breakwater, floating bar, floating swimming pools, bay walks and many more!

Contact Us 




210 Menio Street, Corner Leveriza Street,

Pasay City,  Metro Manila,

Philippines 1308


+ 632 243-3970 

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Resort Central offers simple marine and docking solutions that can compliment your oceanside property.

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