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Thrill seekers can find what they are looking for with our Zorb ball! Strap yourself down, alone or with a buddy, and roll down hill for a non-stop laughing fest. Our inflatable Zorbs keeps everyone safe and sound until the rolling stops.  Available with or without harness and straps.

Let's experience the space of unknown!!! Zorb Ball is designed for those who are seeking to get excitement. it is safe and fun for rolling downhill inside an orb which generally made of transparent plastic. The zorb is double-sectioned which has one ball inside the other with an air layer between. In short, Zorb experience is an attraction to experience the fun more than scary. 







  • Made of 1mm thick heavy duty PVC material

  • Welded seams and nose for commercial strength

  • Easy inflate and quick deflate valves

  • Note: It is recommended that a Zorb track be built before usage.

  • Soft grip handles

  • All Zorb Ball includes harness, electric pump, repair kit, and storage bag

  • Various colors to choose from

  • Note: It is recommended that a Zorb track be built before usage. Available with or without harness.

  • Outside Diameter : 300cm

  • Inside Diameter : 200cm

  • Max Pax : 2

Check out how the Zorb Ball works!


Zorb Ball
Zorb Ball
Zorb Ball
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