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The Mia Pad is a fresh and fun new way to have fun on the water with the entire family! No air pumps, no ladders, no sweat! It is 100% non-absorbent so it will stay mold and mildew free and will never get too heavy to use and store. Great for any body of water; lakes, rivers and even the ocean. Perfect for tethering on docks or on the beach. Great as rentals for any resorts or water parks!

Mia Pad Middle 
11'6" x 5'
Mia Pad Small
10 x 4'6"

Mia Pad Large
18' x 6'


  • ​18 ft. x 6 ft.

  • High grade 3 ply closed cell 1 3/8 inch foam 

  • Includes 12 ft. bungee tether

  • ​Pair of Velcro storage straps

  • ​Tuff-Hide outer membrane

  • Tear-Stop nylon inner rebar matrix ​

  • Weight - Unboxed - 30 lbs. [Boxed - 37 lbs.]


  • Colors: Yellow/ Lime Green or Lime Green/Orange

How do I maintain my Mia Pad?

Just unroll your Pad and play! If the Pad gets a little dirty just wipe it off. At the end of the season, simply hose it off, dry it and roll it up.

Can I toy my Pad behind a boat?

No, never tow the Pad behind a boat or water craft. Towing the Pad behind any kind of watercraft or boat voids the warranty

Can I leave the Pad out all night?

To keep your Pad in the best shape we recommend to keep it rolled up when not in use

How is the best way to attach my Pad to a dock or a boat?

Make sure your Mia Pad is able to drift safely and always make sure your Dockie is a safe distance from any hard surface, such as a dock or underwater obstruction

Will sharp objects puncture my Pad?

The Mia Pad is not indestructible, please keep away from sharp, projecting objects or edges. Sharp objects (dog claws, jewelry, fishhooks, etc.) might scuff or slightly tear the foam surface (but they will never deflate the pad). These minor surface abrasions in no way affect the fun, safety or buoyancy of our Mia Pads. 

Can I jump onto the Mia Pad?

The Mia Pad is the ideal boat accessory, simply roll your Mia Pad up and stow on deck. The Dockie easily rolls to about a 24-inch diameter and is six feet wide.

Is the Mia Pad made our of Rubber?

No, it is made from tough 2 ply closed cell foam. Heavy duty construction means it will last for years.

Check out how the Mia Pad works!


Mia Pad
Mia Pad
Mia Pad
Mia Pad
Mia Pad
Mia Pad
Mia Pad
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